Behind-the-scenes with Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor has been on our radar for a while now, and we’ve been keeping a close watch on her dance and fitness routines. In an exclusive, we caught up with her while she was rehearsing for the launch of Lakmé’s 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation. The actor was seen leaping off the walls of the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, practicing her aerial stunts with American dance troupe Bandaloop, which specialises in what they call “vertical dancing”. It’s where they turn any side of a building into a dance floor.  

ELLE: What is your current fitness routine?
Shraddha Kapoor: I’ve been doing a lot of dancing of late, since I’m tied up with two stage performances and an aerial act for Lakmé’s 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation launch event. So my current fitness routine involves a lot of dancing and I’m also going to the gym – I’ve been doing a lot of weight training at the gym. But it’s mostly the dancing that’s keeping my form in check.

ELLE: What’s the toughest workout you’ve tried?
SK: The toughest workout I’ve ever tried has to be CrossFit. It’s so intense and you have to be really careful to avoid injuries. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as careful and I did end up injuring myself.

ELLE: What tracks do you work out to?
SK: I really like working out to ‘Clarity’ by Zedd and a remix version of One Republic’s ‘If I Lose Myself’.

ELLE: What’s the longest you’ve gone without working out?
SK: Post ABCD 2, I stopped working out for a few months. While we were shooting, I was going to the gym, completely avoiding all the food that I actually wanted to eat and I was constantly on my feet. Once we wrapped up, I decided to take a nice, long hiatus from working out. It was obviously tough getting back on track, especially since I’ve just resumed it.

ELLE: Do you follow a diet?
SK: I’m not really on any diet per se but I try to eat dinner by at least 7.30 pm, which actually makes a HUGE difference to your metabolism. I also try to refrain from carbs post-lunch. Another trick to avoid sugar cravings is to binge on desserts in the first half of the day.

ELLE: What’s your one guilty pleasure?
SK: It has to be Maharashtran-style rava-fried fish!

ELLE: Who is that one celebrity who gives you fitness inspiration?
SK: Katrina Kaif. She’s very fit!

ELLE: What are your fitness goals for 2016?
SK: I want to stay happy and healthy; I’d also like to become a lot more flexible this year.




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