Bella Hadid just sent a pizza through airport security

After a glamorous and fun few days in Monaco, where she enjoyed the Grand Prix with fellow Tag Heuer ambassadors Geri Halliwell and Tom Brady, Bella Hadid hopped on a private jet with her mates. Apparently heading to London, the model showed off the journey on her Instagram, sharing a sunset snap on her feed and the details of the trip on her stories.

A post shared by(@bellahadid) on May 28, 2018 at 2:30pm PDT

In a, quite frankly, genius move, the Victoria’s Secret model also showed us how she managed to sneak pepperoni pizza onto the PJ.

Bella Hadid story pizza airplane 

And whilst we are impressed she eats pizza with this body, we’re more interested in how she managed to get the meal on board.

After a picture of her friends tucking into two delicious, greasy-looking pizzas, she posted a film of two pizza boxes going through a security scanner, with the caption, “I will forever remember the first time I had to send my pizza thru security”.

Bella Hadid story Pizza airplane2

The pizza was followed by a pink, Prada bag, of course.

Once she had arrived in London, the 21-year-old shared a video showing a personalised robe and VIP pass for her Dior backstage make-up launch today.

We can’t wait to see more smiley snaps of the model later today, since now we know what’s behind that grin — an ingenious way to get fast food onto the plane.


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