Benedict Cumberbatch reads The Metamorphosis

Lately it feels as if all we ever hear about Ben (we’re pet-name friends, what’s it to you?) Cumberbatch is how he’s so happy and married and what a great husband he is. Well, we’ve had quite enough of his marital bliss and would like a safe, fictional space in which to ponder his hotness again. And since Black Mass only comes out late this year, you may bide your time by listening to him narrate Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis for the BBC, to celebrate 100th anniversary of the novella’s publication.

The Sherlock star is guaranteed to mimic the reading voice in your head as he deadpans Kafka’s creepy caper of a travelling salesman who wakes up one day to find he’s turned into a grotesque bug – and must now adapt to family life in his new, repulsive form.

Initially broadcast in 2006, BBC Radio 4 Extra re-aired it across four episodes earlier this month. No wait! No need to sag to the floor crying, you can stream it here, until June 10. 

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