6 beauty collaborations that were a long time coming Advertisement

6 beauty collaborations that were a long time coming

Katy Perry in our beauty kits? Yes, please

By Salva Mubarak  February 28th, 2017

Even if you’re only remotely interested in anything make-up, you’d know that beauty brands from M.A.C. to Colorbar have taken to bringing celebrity influencers on board to create highly coveted collections. From reality TV stars like Caitlyn Jenner to fashion houses like Victoria Beckham, popular beauty brands have collaborated on limited edition lines that reflect the unique appeal of the influencer. Because of their wide social media reach, these collaborators have fans clamouring to get hold of the products even before they’re released.

New beauty collaborations to love

L’oreal Paris with Beauty and the Beast

If you’re a Disney fan, then 2017 is shaping up to be a pretty good year. Not only are we getting a live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, we’re also getting make-up inspired by the movie. L'Oreal Paris has released a collection featuring seven shades of lipsticks and nail polishes, associated with each character (yes, there's a Mrs. Potts lipstick too). So now you can express your Disney adoration properly like the grown-up that you are. 

Colorbar with Lulu and Sky

Lulu and Sky is doing their part for society while also giving us another beautiful red lipstick to crave. The online fashion label has collaborated with Colorbar to create an exclusive lipstick shade #LuluRouge. The sales from this go towards KHWABGAH, an organization that works towards the education of the girl child. 

Estée Lauder with Victoria Beckham

After debuting last September, former Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer extraordinaire Victoria Beckham’s collection with Estée Lauder is making a comeback in March. The beauty line that had made its way into the favourite lists of beauty editors and bloggers alike is back on popular demand. The revamp has a few new products, along with old favourites, including a ‘Nude Spice Matte’ lipstick and ‘Saffron Sun’ bronzer.

M.A.C with Caitlyn Jenner

After releasing the lipstick ‘Finally Free’ to support trans empowerment last year, Caitlyn Jenner has collaborated with M.A.C again for a capsule collection in early January. The collection includes classic shades like shimmery gold, brick red, mauve-y pink and burgundy. M.A.C has had a history of successful collaborations with celebrities like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande for similar capsule collections.

Covergirl with Katy Perry

When Katy Perry is not busy telling us to break free of the rhythm, she is launching make-up lines inspired by mermaids, because why not? It’s an extension of her Katy Kat Pearl line with the brand that debuted last April and gave the world CoverGirl’s first-ever electric blue mascara. This mermaid-inspired collection will have bright, pearlescent shades for the four eyeliners and lipsticks and two eyeshadow/highlighter palettes

Urban Decay with Gwen Stefani

The fact that it took Gwen Stefani two years to curate a collection for Urban Decay is B-A-N-A-N-A-S (had to be said). But Stefani ensured that each piece featured in the collection is what she would personally wear, so it was no surprise that there were four variations of a red lipstick — her trademark look — in the collection. Another point she was particular about was ensuring that the make-up had staying power, drawing from her own experience of dealing with smudged lipsticks while managing toddlers.