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Vote for the best dressed celebs of the week

Deepika’s ruffled gown or Sonam’s haute couture ballgown?

By Hasina Khatib  December 5th, 2016

Party-slash-wedding season is officially upon us, as are the dozen events that come attached. Celebrities, and their team of stylists, appear to have been clocking in overtime for the past one week and the results are up for the world to see.

Deepika Padukone took a huge stiletto-clad step out of her comfort zone and rocked a custom Gauri and Nainika number at the Star Screen Awards 2016. The flouncy flower and nude cutout detail may have been a bit much for anyone else to pull off, but Deepika managed just fine, with a little help from that supertoned bod.

Speaking of nude cutout details, Sonam Kapoor debuted Stéphane Rolland’s haute couture on the Indian red carpet with a monochrome number. The voluminous skirt meant that she was probably given a wide berth on the red carpet, but the oh-so-propah bun and minimal accessories clinched it together.

Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt gave the mandatory gowns a miss with an asymmetrical peplum top and black leggings. If the outfit choice looks familiar, it’s probably because Sarah Hyland rocked an almost identical combination at the Emmy Awards earlier this year. Is it too soon to begin petitioning for an Indian remake of Modern Family with Alia as Haley Dunphy?

Seeing as we are spoiled for choice, we leave you to decide. Swipe through the gallery below to vote for your favourites.