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The best dressed women in Pakistan

Style inspiration from across the border

By Rozina Bhutto  June 27th, 2017

Looking up stylish celebrities for our #OOTD inspiration comes as naturally to us as scrolling through Facebook during office hours (just joking, boss). You might wear an ensemble inspired by Deepika Padukone and still maintain a straight face when claiming, “I always do something original,” but we’re on to you. In short, Instagram accounts of our favourite celebrities and influencers act as our fashion mood boards and it’s time we accepted it unabashedly.

Instagram stalking has surpassed boundaries, especially the politically charged one that separates us from our next-door neighbour. While India has its own style icons to drool over, celebrities and socialites in Pakistan are no Plain Janes.

We may not be able to travel there with ease, but at least we can compile a list (for your convenience, of course) of Pakistan’s ‘It’ girls, entertainers, and models to add to your Pinterest #inspiration board.

Amna Babar

Popularly known as Amo B in Pakistan, this top model's pristine bone structure is complemented by her flair for the classics. Amna likes playing it safe and is often spotted in stripes, distressed jeans, and plenty of ruffles. 

Iman Hasan

Heard of the phrase, ‘dress for the job you want’? Well, Iman Hasan clearly wants to be Pakistan’s Next Top model, moving effortlessly between boho, artsy and grunge. The street is her ramp; or so it seems from her highly addictive Instagram account (watch out for this rabbit hole).

Kiran Malik

Who would dare to layer multiple necklaces, then dangle a gold clutch from their neck while wearing a heavily embellished lehenga choli? None other than Kiran Malik. The upcoming movie star and a fashion connoisseur routinely pulls off looks few others would have even thought of. Case in point: Kiran chose to wear a white suit to Pakistan's biggest awards show instead of jumping onto the Lets-Be-A-Disney-Princess-Bandwagon.

Shazay Salahuddin

Shazay is the queen of minimal fashion, the tortoise who wins the ‘Style Wars’ race one crisp ensemble at a time. Her structured tops, colour-blocking expertise and metallic dresses are always on point.

Momina Sibtain

A fashion journalist by profession, Momina makes sure that her clothes illustrate her expertise on all things fashion. You’ll seldom spot her playing it safe and her accessories almost always make a statement because why waste your breath telling people that you’re “unique and fabulous” when your clutch can say it for you?

Meesha Shafi

We've been fans of Meesha's bold sartorial choices ever since she appeared on Coke Studio singing 'Jugni Jee' with an attention-grabbing red pout, classic black jacket and chunky gold jewellery. She’s often spotted in statement pieces, from floral ghararas to high-waist knotted pants and glittering kaftans.

Alishay Adnan

If you believe that style is not just buying the right clothes or accessories, but what you do with them, then Alishay Adnan is an all-round winner. Fishnet stockings under ripped denims, sport luxe, and metallic bomber jackets —she’s tried it all.

Sohai Ali Abro

This film actress is hard to spot, but whenever she deigns to make a public appearance, she leaves a lasting impression. If we were to describe her style in two words, it would be casual chic. Sohai’s no-fuss look may trick you into believing that you can do it too, but it’s when you spot yourself buried in an over-sized cape that she rocked, you realise there’s a method to this actress’ stylish madness.

Mahira Khan

The onscreen Mahira might have made her place in our hearts, but we hear the one off-screen is far more stylish. Sticking to a white tee and jeans for day, it's her red carpet avatar that really has us captivated. Her pale pink Disney princess gown by Egyptian designer, Shahira Lasheen, stole the show at last year’s Lux Style Awards, Pakistan’s equivalent of the Oscars. She followed that up with a Black Archives gown at this year’s LSAs. She tops the Best Dressed List every year for almost every award ceremony, so how could we not include her? Some people accuse her of playing it safe, but let’s not be quick to hurl accusations at a person who has walked the red carpet in a pant-sari, a mega voluminous gown, and a reverse suit. 

Shazah Ayub

Shazah's love for different versions of the trench coat is obvious and makes her look ramp-ready even when she’s only headed to a casual do. She does street style (arguably) like no one else in Pakistan. Shahzah clearly was paying attention when Alexander Wang said, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing."