The best dressed women in Pakistan

Looking up stylish celebrities for our #OOTD inspiration comes as naturally to us as scrolling through Facebook during office hours (just joking, boss). You might wear an ensemble inspired by Deepika Padukone and still maintain a straight face when claiming, “I always do something original,” but we’re on to you. In short, Instagram accounts of our favourite celebrities and influencers act as our fashion mood boards and it’s time we accepted it unabashedly.

Instagram stalking has surpassed boundaries, especially the politically charged one that separates us from our next-door neighbour. While India has its own style icons to drool over, celebrities and socialites in Pakistan are no Plain Janes.

We may not be able to travel there with ease, but at least we can compile a list (for your convenience, of course) of Pakistan’s ‘It’ girls, entertainers, and models to add to your Pinterest #inspiration board.

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