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The best hair brushes for your hair texture

The right hair brush can prevent hair breakage

By Justine Careon  November 10th, 2017

The secret to finding a great hairbrush is about finding one that works with your hair, not against it. Learn all about bristle type, rounded silhouettes vs cushioned tools, and more key factors that make for the best brush for your hair type with pro-tips from celeb stylists. Find out which factors make for a quality tool, plus their favorite hair brushes ahead.

The Best: All-Around Brush

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There’s a reason why every stylist keeps this brush in their kit. The mixed bristle brush contains both nylon and boar bristles: the former helps massage and stimulate your scalp, while the latter distributes natural oils through the lengths. And the combination of both helps to detangle and de-frizz your hair in one stroke. “Because of the arc of the cushion—versus [the] circumference of a round brush—hair lays sleeker and is emphasized to be [blow dried] flatter and straighter,” says Blackstones salon owner Joey Silvestera.

Mason Pearson Junior Medium Mixed Bristle Hairbrush, Rs, 11, 065, shop.

The Best: Brush For Natural Hair

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“You want a brush that can move with your hair so it doesn’t break the strands,” says Issa Rae’s hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood. This will “help you detangle and define your texture” without causing breakage. Leatherwood’s eponymous vented brush has no cushion and open vents in the back that cuts down on blowdrying time and prevents snags.

Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush,  Rs, 911;, shop.

The Best: Round Brush

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“For curly hair that is going to be blowdried smooth and wavy, I’d use a YS Park round brush with synthetic bristles,” Silvestera says. The circular design allows you to rotate your hair while you dry your hair, giving you bombshell curls without the use of an iron. For a pro finish, “Twirl [the] hair and allow it to twist off the end of the brush (kind of like unwinding it) very much like a curling iron. We call this a ‘twist out blowdry.'”

YS Park Hair Brush, Rs, 3,319;, shop.

The Best: Budget Brush

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Silvestera calls Wet Brush, the most gentle, effective brush for detangling hair. When picking your brush, pay close attention to the bristle strength and flexibility. A quick tug shouldn’t rip bristles out, but they shouldn’t be super stiff either (which can cause hair breakage). You want bristles that bend easily, but snap right back to shape, he explains.

Wet Brush, Rs, 585;, shop.

The Best: Budget Brush

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Leatherwood doubled down on the same brand, which works on wet and dry hair. “Fine hair needs a softer brush, like the Wet Brush.” While the last style had a cushioned back, this vented style will allow air to move through your hair more efficiently while blowdrying.

Wet Pro Epic Quick Dry Brush, Rs,715;, shop.