We’ve found you the best hotel deal in New York City Advertisement

We’ve found you the best hotel deal in New York City

Through Booking.com

By Divya Gursahani  September 18th, 2018

I was thrilled at being in New York city. The ELLE team was there to shoot with a major girl power icon (currently a secret) for our October issue. And of course it helps that it is my favourite city in the world. As I was mentally scrolling through a list of places to eat at while in the taxi on my way over to the hotel, Columbus Circle whizzed by. A minute later the car rolled to a halt outside 6 Columbus – A SIXTY Hotel. I was quite excited to explore the hotel which I got a great deal on, through Booking.com.

As I descended from the taxi, I struggled to lug three suitcases to the hotel lobby — the only peril of shooting in a foreign country. Thank god for the friendly porter who rushed to help me before I keeled over. A brief 10 minute check-in formality (they were kind enough to let me have my room early) and I was ushered straight to my King Deluxe room. There was nothing I didn’t love about my supremely spacious room. From the grey carpet and curtains, black leather upholstered chairs and wooden furniture, to the invitingly soft pristine white bed — I couldn’t wait to call this space my home for the next day and a half.

A quick nap later, I decided to visit the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, on the hotel property, for a sumptuous lunch. I was then ready to head out into the city for a few meetings which were all walking distance because of the central location of the hotel. After my last meeting for the day, I decided to cut across Central Park to reach 6 Columbus, which was just a five minute walk from the entrance.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar Grill

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill

On walking into the hotel lobby I was drawn to a group of revelers who were heading to the hotel’s rooftop bar, Above 6. As the elevator opened after our ride up, I couldn’t help but gasp at the views of Central Park and Columbus Circle that greeted me. A quick drink later, I headed back to my room to retire early for the night (jet lag is a real thing and the bed looked so inviting earlier in the day).

I wouldn’t have woken up the next morning if it weren’t for my alarm. A quick shower later, I was already on my way to checkout, before heading to our shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at 6 Columbus – A SIXTY Hotel, and would definitely recommend it for its kind staff, sleek interiors and central location, especially if you block the hotel via Booking.com for the great deals it offers.

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