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The best makeup kit for women who work

Multi-purpose makeup saviours

By Sarah Mclean  March 27th, 2018

We know carrying an oversized handbag packed full of unnecessary items is simultaneously comforting and terrible for your back, so here is our tip—for your 9 to 5 beauty needs that could become your essential makeup kit for women who work in an office. Not convinced about the benefits of having an work kit of beauty saviours?

You spend most of your day at your desk, and in that time you’re bound to:

a) Have a last minute meeting with the boss

b) Need to step in for a colleague and do lunch with a client

c) Get invited to after-work drinks

d) Be caught out with a post-gym class red face

e) All of the above

Keep a curated kit of multi-purpose beauty buys in your desk drawer and never get caught out again.

10 items that every makeup kit for women who work should have

The champion eye pencil

Novice-friendly eye shadow sticks can be nudged into the lash line for simple definition, or smudged across the whole lid for a killer nighttime look, sans brush. 

The face spray

Whether you need a 3pm boost or you're heading out to drinks and your makeup is looking dry and cakey, a hydrating mist is fresh, dewy skin in a bottle. 

The mirror-free lip fix

Balm-lipstick hybrids offer sheer, buildable colour that's impossible to stuff up. One swipe of this will make you look put together and professional even when there isn't a mirror in sight. 

The foundation stick

Sticks work as all-over coverage as well as a targeted concealer. Just dot and blend with your fingers. Grab one for your handbag too, you'll thank us later. 

The sheer bronzer

A lightweight, matte finish bronzer can be dusted all over for instant yes-I-got-eight-hours-sleep skin, or built up in areas to sculpt and contour. 

The instant-glamour lipstick

When you've only got five minutes to get from slumped-at-your-desk to chic-after-work drinks, always reach for a fabulous lipstick. A classic red will always get you far

The more-than a lip balm

Keep a concentrated balm handy for chapped lips, cracked cuticles and AC-ravaged skin. They also work as a last-minute illuminator for the cheeks and groom brows too. 

The blotting papers

FACT: Glowing skin is chic, oily skin isn't. Blot your way back to the good side of shine with these chic sheets

The clear mascara

Brush it though your brows to groom and your lashes to lightly define, it can even be used to tame post-lunchtime gym class frizz. 

The nail saviour

Nothing ruins a presentation or messes up a meeting like shoddy polish. This genius dip-and-remove pot leaves nails cleans, no cotton balls necessary. 

From: Elle Australia