5 great smartphone options if you're looking to upgrade Advertisement

5 great smartphone options if you’re looking to upgrade

The cameras you've been waiting for...

By Ashwin Rajagopalan  July 7th, 2017

If you’re an iPhone die-hard, you’re probably holding on for Apple’s eagerly anticipated 10th Anniversary iPhone. But if you haven’t sworn allegiance to any mobile platform, you will be spoilt for choice. The past few weeks have seen the debut of a slew of cutting edge Android flagships. From Samsung’s S8 with its never-ending screen to OnePlus 5’s clever dual cam to Sony’s new top of the line device that can shoot Super slow-mo videos. We put the spotlight on these cool new phones, that have all raised the bar for the one device we use the most.

Phones that are going to let you level up before the gang:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Rs 59,990

Sony proves that it still has enough in its arsenal for an Android battle. The XZ Premium has a class-leading ‘TRILUMINOUS’ display (it packs 807 Pixels per inch) that allows you to watch 4K videos on your smartphone. Sony’s cameras have always stood out from the pack, this device is no exception. The 19MP shooter doesn't just shoot great images in most scenarios, it also shoots stunning Super Slow-mo videos at 960 fps (Frames per second). 

HTC U11, Rs 51,990

Need to snap a picture in a flash or send a text in a hurry, just squeeze your phone. The U11’s innovative Edge Sense feature allows you to squeeze different corners of your phone to trigger designated apps without unlocking your device. It’s not the only cool feature in the device, HTC’s design credentials come to the fore with the brilliant liquid glass design and its reflective surface. The device’s dual speakers are arguably the best on any smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. Rs 57,990/Rs 64,990

Samsung hasn't just put an ‘explosive’ 2016 firmly behind but has reimagined the smartphone experience. It all begins with an edge-to-edge ‘Infinity’ display with a staggering 83.6% screen to body ratio; yes, this device is all screen. It also means your fingers can reach the ends of the 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch screens on the S8 and S8+ relatively easily. This duo also feature the best cameras on-board any smartphone that shine even in lowlight. 

LG G6, Rs 55,000

Almost every brand has loaded its 2017 flagship with a killer camera feature. LG’s flagship for 2017 features two 13MP lenses including a 125-degree wide angle lens. It opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to pack more stuff into a single frame; perfect if you’re shooting cityscapes or sweeping panoramas. The camera’s other nifty features include special image optimisations for your social feeds. We dig the display that also ‘cuts corners’ like the Samsung S8 and its all-weather credentials (water-proof up and dust-proof).

OnePlus 5, Rs 32,990/Rs 37,990

OnePlus’ devices have always delivered a smooth Android experience with their seamless blend of powerful hardware and a User interface that’s easy on the eye. The OnePlus 5 adds a solid camera to this mix. It follows iPhone 7Plus’s dual cam strategy, you can shoot images with a depth of field mode or stunning portraits by blurring the background. Of course, its lightning quick with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835 processor and a generous 8GB of RAM.