Best Skin Care Products For The City Girl

Habitation in a city can be frantic not just on your mind but on your skin too. Combating environmental aggressors like pollution with a hectic schedule is aggravating enough. Add blue light damage from screens and sooner or later you will find yourself dealing with skincare issues. Here are some products that can help.


Anti-Pollution Skin Care


Free radicals, UV rays, exhaust fumes are some of the environmental aggressors that can cause damage to your skin. Premature ageing, sagginess, dehydration and pigmentation aren’t doing you any favours which are why anti-pollution skincare is on the rise. 


Stress Busters


It’s no secret that stress can cause skin and hair issues. We wish there was a magic product to erase the stress out of our life, but for now, we’ll use these products to erase some damage


Blue Light Blues 


Overexposure to screens via laptops, phones, television or other devices can impact your skin more severely than you assumed. These screens which are extremely close to your face emit high-frequency blue light which can result in premature ageing and discolouration of the skin. Before you panic, here’s our recommendation to battle those blues. 



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