What’s the best sleeping position for couples?

Do you sleep facing your partner, on your back or spooning? If you think there’s no such thing as the perfect sleeping position for couples, allow Dr Mehak Nagpal, psychiatrist and sexual medicine expert, to educate you about how the intimacy of your sleeping positions could impact your relationship over time. Especially in the case of a new romance.

“While intimacy can often be faked, there is no conscious control that one can exert on their body language during sleep,” she points out the obvious. So, your partner may actually spilling their guts to you without saying a word. It’s all right there in the way you share a bed.

“The state of your relationship does follow you into the bedroom and influences the way a couple shares the bed. It goes to say that both an individual’s psychological development, as well as the quality of their relationship, affects their innate responses to each other while sleeping.”

Dr Nagpal has noticed several common themes that can be seen across various sleeping positions.

The top sleeping position for couples:

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