The secret to smooth, healthy skin this summer Advertisement

The secret to smooth, healthy skin this summer

Clear skin and a cleaner conscience

By Tarini Sood  March 24th, 2017

As the harsh summer sun continues its onslaught, helping your skin to some extra pampering couldn’t really hurt. Since booking a weekly appointment with your neighbourhood spa doesn’t fit into your hectic schedule, you might have to resort to plan B — ensuring your shower ritual includes a body scrub to slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenate tired skin, at least twice a week.

And since no responsible beauty junkie will put herself above the environment, we’ve ensured that all our recommended body scrubs come with natural extracts and soothing essential oils, none of that microbead poison that’s polluting the oceans and wreaking havoc with marine life. How’s that for clean skin and a cleaner conscience?  

Our favourite body scrubs of the summer

The combination of sandalwood and turmeric in this age-old Ayurvedic formula helps even the skin tone and prevent inflammation. Rs 2,475 at Forest Essentials

The anti-bacterial properties of neem and tulsi helps combat body acne. Rs 350 at Fab India.

Use this body scrub infused with green tea from Japan thrice a week for that refreshing detox you so badly needed. Rs 1,295 at The Body Shop

Papaya extracts are a natural way to combat tans and brighten your skin. Do battle with clogged pores with this affordable and effective body scrub from Biotique.

This gentle scrub from the popular 100% vegan brand, Plum, uses kiwi seeds as an natural exfoliant. Rs 380

Dermalogica uses a combination of lavender, orange, sandalwood, rosemary and patchouli essential oils that soothe all five senses and energizes the skin. Rs 2475