Beyoncé to launch activewear with Topshop

If you’re labouring your way to a Beyoncé body, here’s some bonus motivation: nifty new workout gear. The singer has teamed up with Topshop to launch a new activewear label which will include clothing, footwear, and dance and fitness accessories. This is no limited-edition collection, though (unlike the brand’s previous collaboration with Kate Moss), the label will be launched by a joint venture between Beyoncé’s own company (Parkwood Entertainment) and Topshop – Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd.

You can even sport the streetwear-inspired collection on the days you decide to ditch the run for a Krispy Kreme – the relaxed range promises not to be strictly-for-the gym. While we’re waiting for the as-yet-unnamed label, which will be available on and across Topshop stores in fall next year, how about Benedict Cumberbatch give us a preview during his next Beyoncé performance?  

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