Bhane's new campaign goes from the 'Bay to the Bay' Advertisement

Bhane’s new campaign goes from the ‘Bay to the Bay’

Read: Bombay to San Francisco Bay Area

By ELLE team  April 19th, 2016

Bhane loves nothing more than to keep it real. Their campaigns consistently feature people from different walks of life. Not models. “We make pieces that act as tools of expression,” says Anand Ahuja director and CEO of Bhane. “This is why we choose to shoot our clothes on “real people” – to showcase both individuality and universality.”

It started with Delhi, and then they went on to cover as many as nine cities. Last year, they added New York to that list too. Their latest campaign captures influencers, bloggers and all-around-cool-people from Bombay and San Francisco Bay Area. “After our last campaign which was ‘New Delhi to New York’, going to San Francisco felt like a natural progression,” he says.

Flip through the gallery to get a glimpse of the campaign and behind-the-scenes pictures