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Binge-watch these fitness documentaries

Spoiler alert: These films will get you right off that couch

By ELLE team  April 29th, 2016

Super Size Me
Documentary film-make Morgan Spurlock’s adopts the easiest diet in the world – 30 days of McDonald’s, all three meals. The horrific medical repercussions of his experiment will greatly improve your relationship with quinoa salad. Or, at the very least, make you settle for a smaller portion of fries.

Desert Runners
Four non-runners sign-up for the toughest ultramarathon in the world in Jennifer Steinman’s underdog story. The includes four footraces in the world’s most challenging terrain  – the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Gobi Desert in China, the Sahara in Egypt, and finally, Antarctica. Don’t feel as smug about your twenty minutes on the treadmill?

Fed Up
This one will for you to face the uncomfortable truths about sugar, and its dangerous disguises. Director Stephanie Soechtig and journalist Katie Couric team up to expose the reality of America’s thriving fast food industry. You’ll also find help with healthy diet cheats here. 

Town Of Runners 
This award-winning documentary tracks a young tribe of runners in Bejoki, a rural Ethiopian town which has produced Olympic athletes like Tirunesh Dibaba and Kenenisa Bekele. The against-all-odds narrative also throws light on the paybacks of a life in sport.


Generation Iron
The makers of the 1997 documentary Pumping Iron (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) bring another intimate look at the world of bodybuilding. Here, meet seven of the world’s leading bodybuilders competing for the title of Mr Olympia, and reset your #fitnessgoals.