This is Bipasha Basu's secret behind that super toned body Advertisement

This is Bipasha Basu’s secret behind that super toned body

And her beauty regime, revealed

By Shweta Gandhi  September 4th, 2017

For the longest time, Bipasha Basu has advocated fitness and a healthy diet as part of her daily regime. The actress believes in loving herself first, which is her motivation behind everything. One look at her will make you want to start sweating it out in the gym, if you aren’t already. Meanwhile, her marriage with Karan Singh Grover constantly gives us #relationshipgoals that make us wonder what their key to happiness is.

No wonder designer Rocky Star chose Bipasha as his muse for his AW ’17 collection. “Her classic beauty accentuates the romanticism we wanted to evoke,” says Rocky, whose collection is inspired by vintage glamour and the classic vibe of yesteryears. “I believe in timeless fashion that is effortless and does not over power your personality,” says Bipasha. “Rocky understands the Indian body type and he creates pieces that complement and accentuate it.”  

In a rapid fire round, the actress lets us in on her beauty, fitness and relationship secrets:

Your beauty regime?

To drink a lot of water, keep my skin clean and use sun block.

Your last workout was?

A functional routine—it involves multi-muscle group workout.

Favourite workout song?

Till I collapse by Eminem.

A book that’s on your bedside table?

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Your go-to healthy snack?

An apple.

Your last trip was to?

Was to New York and Miami.

One relationship advice?

Try to be friends in your relationship. Don’t try to change the person too much. Accept the person you love for the person he or she is.

Your secret to staying fit?

I believe in the philosophy of love yourself. Investing in your body is the smartest investment. Discipline and lifestyle play a key role.

The biggest fitness test for yourself was?

In fitness, you need to challenge yourself every day. Don’t fall in a comfort zone. Do something different, learn something new. For me, after a tiring day, if you can keep a smile on your face, that’s a big challenge.

Your key to happiness?

Happiness is an everyday process. The key is to enjoy the small moments of life.

Your favourite ensemble from Rocky Star’s AW ’17 collection?

The shirt dress.

Take a look at Bipasha Basu channeling vintage glam in Rocky Star’s AW ’17 collection:

Bipasha Basu for Rocky Star
Bipasha Basu for Rocky Star
Bipasha Basu for Rocky Star
Bipasha Basu for Rocky Star
Bipasha Basu for Rocky Star