Celebrate Life With The Unique Powers Of Birthstone Jewellery

There is something magical, almost ethereal, about an engagement ring. What can be more priceless than the moment when a little box is carefully opened, and a sparkling ring makes your beloved weak in her knees before she accepts the proposal? Throughout history, famous couples have left no stone unturned (pun intended) to find the perfect ring to announce their betrothal. Remember Princess Diana’s iconic oval blue Ceylon sapphire and diamond engagement ring? Considered to be one of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery in the world, the ring was subsequently used by Prince William to propose to Catherine (Kate) Middleton.

Fortunately, the world of jewellery and gemstones extends far beyond engagement rings and undying love. Instead of merely being of ornamental value, jewellery is now considered an accessory which reflects one’s style in a way like no other. Regular jewellery is, in fact, giving way to bespoke jewellery which embodies a person’s unique personality.


Over the years, the trend of commissioning birthstone jewellery—ornaments incorporating gems which correspond to the wearer’s birth month or zodiac sign has become quite popular. And here’s a fact: besides being a conversation starter, birthstone jewellery channel positive energies into relationships, career and educational pursuits. Celebrities internationally and closer home swear by the astral powers of these gemstones. For instance, Meghan Markle was presented with an ’eternity’ ring as an anniversary gift by Prince Harry. Notably, the bespoke ring featured the Sussex family birthstones: a sapphire, peridot and an emerald on its underside.

A Gift For Oneself

Gone are the days of acquiring jewellery via marriage or inheritance. Today’s avant-garde and stylish woman is hardly the one to wait for ceremonies. For her, every day is a milestone which deserves to be celebrated. Women are increasingly buying jewellery, particularly birthstone jewellery, for their own and their families’ well-being. They are proudly flaunting trendy, custom-made rings, earrings, bracelets or neckpieces which, in many cases, are self-designed. From the concept and designing to selecting metals and gemstones, online jewellers are providing ease of shopping and the ability to participate in the entire process. To sum it up, women are quite literally spoilt for choice.


Buying jewellery online, however, is not without risks and inconveniences. In the case of precious gems, the market is flooded with spurious products which make misleading claims about their authenticity. Many online jewellers also fall short in providing a hassle-free experience to customers. “You may boast an elaborate collection of gems and metals, but that is meaningless if it is not complemented by a great buyer experience,” explains Nitin Yadav, CEO of Gurgaon-based online jeweller GemPundit.

A superlative experience, coupled with genuine, lab-certified products with great finishing, has become the hallmark of GemPundit. When customers peruse their vast catalogue of gemstones and precious metals, an extremely helpful and experienced team is always at hand for assistance. “These days, customers are very discerning. They aspire to wear clothes and accessories that epitomise who they are. Wearing customised jewellery embellished with special gems such as birthstones is a great expression of that individuality,” adds Yadav. Not surprisingly, GemPundit presents its customers with unparalleled services to fulfil those aspirations.

The sophisticated process of custom jewellery at Gempundit has opened a new world for customers to explore the delights of designing and buying bespoke jewellery. Prospective buyers first upload a personalised design image or drawing, following which the in-house team of GemPundit contacts them to discuss more details, including gemstone options and pricing. Upon mutual agreement, 3D CAD designs are shared for approval before crafting the jewellery. Prior to shipping, photos or videos are shared for final approval. Such an interactive process, besides being unique, leaves no scope for surprises.

Want to stand out from the crowd and make a dazzling statement? Our say: wear a unique, off piece of jewellery adorned with your birthstone, and let the stunning accessory speak for itself. Every gem will have a meaning, and every piece of jewellery will reflect a part of you. As George Eliot famously said, “These gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail off.”

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