Lisa Haydon’s favourite hotel is positively decadent

Palatial hotel rooms, do-nothing bespoke services, top chefs on speed dial – in this series, ten ladies-in-the-know give us a peek into their luxury black books.

Lisa Haydon

My Favourite hotel room in the world:
Room number seven at the Aman Canal Grande Venice. It’s spacious, in a palace right on the canal, in the most romantic city in the world.

My winning make-up team:
Bobbi Brown’s honey shade for under-eyes only, Clinique’s black mascara, Chanel’s ‘Boy’ lipstick, and M.A.C and Chanel eyeshadows.

The best business class seat is on: 
Emirates. It’s amazing; the latest planes give you your own iPad dock, private refrigerator and really good menus. 

My fine dinnerware is from:
I like to curate dinner sets from different places. I like white ceramic plates for food, clay bowls for soup and good ol’ silver Kishco cutlery never goes out of fashion.
ELLE Loves: This rustic, handcrafted tea set from Mumbai-based ceramics studio Curators of Clay.

My cheese addiction leads me to:
Nature’s Basket. It has great Manchego, smoked cheddar, Stilton and Roquefort blue cheese.  If travelling, I head to Caviar House & Prunier at any European airport and buy enough of everything to last a month. It always gets over in a week.

Photographs: Farrokh Chothia; Styling: Malini Banerji; Creative director: Prashish More; Make-up and hair: Dimitra Altani/Anima Creative Management

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