21 summer looks for the girl who loves to wear black Advertisement

21 summer looks for the girl who loves to wear black

Your wardrobe should match your soul

By Salva Mubarak  April 6th, 2017

So people (mainly your grandmother) might have told you that it’s unwise to wear black during summer. But people are wrong. There’s no reason you can’t pay homage to inner Parisian without succumbing to a heatstroke in the middle of the day.

If you shudder at the thoughts of pastels and floral print brings out the worst in you, fret not. Hot summer days don’t have to cramp your style. Experiment with fluid silhouettes and fabrics like linen and lightweight cotton jersey. For days when your inner Morticia Addams is clamouring to make her presence felt, try maxi dresses and skirts. You can play with black-on-black textures and silhouettes, and add a little bit of lace if you’re feeling romantic. The options are endless. We’ve curated a wide selection of black clothes that will complement your inner My Chemical Romance-loving emo soul.

21 black styles that will see you through summer

Chloe, Rs 61,218 (approx)
Asos, Rs 3470 (approx)
Dhruv Kapoor, Rs 15,800
Asos, Rs, 2,429 (approx)
Birdwalk, Rs 5,530
Alice + Olivia, Rs 61,400
Lovebirds Rs 9,800
Three by Pallavi Dhyani, Rs 6,800
Namrata Joshipura, Rs 15,000
Diane Von Furstenberg, Rs 25,000
Lovebirds, Rs 10,500
Self-Portrait, Rs 35,000 (approx)
Shahin Mannan, Rs 17,500
Shift by Nimish Shah, Rs 16,000
Rimi Nayak, Rs 14,400
Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna, Rs 19,500
Shrdha Trehaan, Rs 17,500
Vajor, Rs 1,399
Shrdha Trehaan, Rs 25,000
Urvashi Kaur, Rs 30,450
H&M, Rs 2,999