Blake lively may be reviving Serena Van Der Woodsen 2.0 in a new fashion centric show Advertisement

Blake lively may be reviving Serena Van Der Woodsen 2.0 in a new fashion centric show

XOXO Gossip Girl

 August 1st, 2019

I’m not afraid to admit I’m constantly rotating Gossip Girl reruns to witness these chaotic teenage lives, lifelong friendship dynamics, and, of course, for some major Serena style inspo. Regardless of the show’s inaccurate depictions about the fabulous lives of the upper-east-siders residing in New York (and buying endless designer wear), I usually gain something from each episode. It’s one of those go-to Sunday binge-watch shows you never get sick of.

Since the show ended in 2012, the GG fandom has been praying for a reboot. And while a revival of the show was just announced by HBO, it just won’t be the same without the original characters we have grown to love. But fortunately for us, Blake Lively has just signed a deal to star in her own fashion centric show which will be based in New York. Although there isn’t a lot of information about the show right now, one can dream. Hopefully, this new TV series will bring back Serena, even if it is with redefined qualities.

As an ode to our favourite upper-east-sider, we look back at a few fashion moments from Gossip Girl, which Blake could totally pull off even today. She constantly took risks, didn’t follow any fashion rules, and wore her always fabulous, out-of-the-box outfits with the most confidence. So, channel your inner Serena Van Der Woodsen and check out the style moments that she could ace in 2019.

Knee-high boots: Serena was the OG fashion icon who kickstarted the knee-high boots trend, more than a decade ago. Even now, these funky boots are still golden.

Statement blazers: They're are the newest piece revived from 2000’s. From Serena in 2007 to the newest 'it' girls in 2019, everyone possesses one.

Ruffled dresses; Who knew ruffles would come back in trend, and in such magnitude? Serena Van Der Woodsen, that’s who.

Tie n dye T-shirts; Once known for the stuff of elementary school arts and crafts, is coming in hot this season, but our favourite it-girl from the upper-east side predicted it ages ago. So, we should've hate this one coming tbh.

Colour-block outfits; Although, it may look tricky to colour-block successfully without looking like a clown in the circus. Serena Van Der Woodsen schooled us on how to rock this trend like a true champ.

Pleated skirts; Pleats in general as a matter of fact, are a big trend this season, be it in skirts, dresses or tops. Our favourite gossip girl knew it all along though.



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