Blake Lively’s promotion tour for The Rhythm Section is a one-woman fashion parade

Our first memory of Blake Lively is being absolutely hooked to Gossip Girl, taking notes on every outfit her character Serena van der Woodsen ever graced on the show (or that might just be only my obsession). While the college chic and high-glam signature Serena date-night outfits may have been the doing of the show’s stylist Eric Daman, Blake Lively continues to romance every red carpet, TV show appearance, and camera till date. Just as we brace ourselves for witnessing the evolution of her in her upcoming movie The Rhythm Section, the mother of three is back from her maternal leave with a bang! Her press tour for The Rhythm Section has been nothing short of a personal, one-person fashion show, no matter where she was spotted.

If you are about to Google who her stylist is, let me answer that for you: the powerhouse herself. Lessons from Gossip Girl, perhaps?


Photographs: Getty Images

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