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10 reasons why you’re always bloated

Here's why you can't beat the "blah" feeling.

By ELLE team  June 14th, 2017

We know all about the foods and exercises that can help reduce bloating when it strikes, we’re just not as sure about what triggers the uncomfortable condition in the first place. Here, ten things that could be bringing on your bloat, according to Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Fiona Tuck.

10 reasons why you’re bloating constantly

Too much alcohol

No surprises here: Beer is your bloat's best friend. "The liver has a tough time processing high sugar-laden alcohol," says Tuck. "Limit your alcohol (especially beer) intake where you can."

You're eating loads of processed foods

High sugar foods and salty snacks like chips, instant noodles and frozen dinners can throw out your natural gut flora, creating more fermentation. You're damned if you eat too much fruit, and you're damned if you don't.

Long haul flights

Frequent flyer? Your lymphatic system could be getting tired of your jet-setter lifestyle. "Your lymphatic system becomes sluggish during long flights causing fluid retention and bloating," explains Tuck. Walk the aisle as frequently as you can.

Poor gut health

"Too much or too little bacteria in your stomach can cause bloating," advises Tuck. Add a probiotic to your diet and monitor the changes.

You've eaten too much fruit

Blame those natural fermentable fibres. Too many, and you're on a one way train to a swollen stomache. Try and limit pears, apples and dried fruits if you're feeling discomfort.

You're intolerant to gluten

Gut-swelling is a symptom of food sensitivities. "Notice how your body processes gluten and dairy," says Tuck. Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity is a very real thing. If your bloating lessens when you're not eating things like cheese and bread, by all means reduce the amount of dairy and gluten in your diet, just remember to replace them with nutrient-rich alternatives.

You're stressed out

One of the best exercises for treating stress and, incidentally, a bloated belly, is yoga.

You're eating too fast or too slow

Eating when you're distracted can really inhibit proper digestion. Sit down, ditch your phone for a minute and eat "mindfully" to give your body the best chance of processing your meal quickly.

Your dinner portion size was too large

"Extra fatty red meats or creamy foods can still be digesting in your body the next day," says Tuck. And that's when the dreaded bloat starts sticking around. Opt for a high-fibre breakfast and up your water intake to speed up your metabolism.

Keep these causes in mind, aim for moderation, and you just might beat the “Ugh” feeling for good.

From: ELLE Australia