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How to save your hair from dehydration in this heat

We sent one of our own in the quest for a solution

By Hasina Khatib  April 3rd, 2017

Full disclosure: I have thin-ish hair, long overdue for a trim, with flyaways that can scrape the ceiling on a good day. As the monster heat approaches with its sidekicks, frizziness and dehydration, in tow, I visited the breezy Blowdry Bar, facing the sunny Marine Drive promenade in Mumbai, to give their Summer Sessions a whirl.

In keeping with their all-organic principle, the trendy salon has associated with Schwarzkopf Professional India to serve up a troika of hair treatments for beating the summer heat. Boni Sasidharan (Regional ASK Manager) was on hand to greet clients with a smile and some expert chatter about the condition of their hair. After a quick consult, I was recommended the BC Oil Miracle hair therapy to get rid of the dryness and flyaways.  

We started out with a standard shampoo-and-condition, complemented with a pleasant head massage designed to take you to your happy place. Leaving the cosy chair can take some coaxing, followed by the actual hair therapy over the next 20 minutes. Pro tip: Wrap a heated towel around your head to allow the oil to seep into your roots. If you’re at home, you could even simply pop a damp towel into the microwave for a minute or two.

Another hair wash and a blast-dry later, we were done. The limp hair I had walked in with was as fluffy as a freshly baked meringue; those pesky flyaways were history for the next 24 hours at least. If your schedule is crunched for time, you can follow it up with two or three washes at home, and drop by the salon every fourth wash.

For those of us who’ve nodded along sagely to our mothers’ advice about the many benefits of oil massages but can’t stand the ick factor, the BC Oil Miracle brings a pleasant solution. It packs in the benefits of botanical oils without weighing down your hair, due to its unique evaporating formula. The shimmery afterglow and lingering peppermint-y smell is worth the weekly salon visit. 

The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle therapy is available at The BlowDry Bar, Mumbai at Rs 2,200 plus taxes. Tel: 022 2281 3006