Bobby Deol's trailer for his new body is the only reason to watch Race 3 Advertisement

Bobby Deol’s trailer for his new body is the only reason to watch Race 3

Race 3 is actually the sequel to Bobby Deol's body

By ELLE team  May 18th, 2018

Our mother is going to have to sit down and have ‘the talk’ with us again. Because while we weren’t paying attention, Bobby Deol grew up and got all the muscles. All of them. There are no muscles left for anyone else. It’s almost like Bobby Deol is making up for all the years he didn’t have muscles… and there were a fair few years.

Bobby Deol

He’s clearly having a midlife surprise-us. It’s like a crisis, but instead of a red sports car, you get a whole bunch of muscles then, out of the blue, show up in a big budget movie with your shirt off. But you don’t yell surprise; you let your muscles do all the talking. 

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There were a good few years in between where we had written him off. But this image is clearly the defining moment where Bobby decided to reinvent himself. Just look at the determination in his eyes. It’s almost like he was fast-forwarding to his next #TransformationTuesday2018 to watch the rise of what would become Body Deol.

Bobby Deol body deol

Mirror be damned, Body Deol is the fairest of them all. 

That’s what Salman Khan is calling him after their shirtless scene together, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s the only deciding factor on whether Race 3 will be a box office success.

Salman Khan and Bobby Deol

Now that we’ve confirmed it’s going to be pec-tacular, there are other things to be anxious about. Like, should Body D be in such close proximity to exploding cars? Just look at him: 

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We’re genuinely anxious that some harm may come to his person during the course of this film.

Bobby Deol race 3

And also that at some point, he may decide to button up.

Bobby Deol race 3 trailer

Bobby please, put on a breastplate or something. That helmet is doing nothing for your pecs.

At what point did Bobby Deol become hot?

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We know at some point in his journey, Bobby decided to make like a millennial with a laptop and become a DJ. DJ Bobby made his debut in Delhi, spinning EDM and Bollywood tracks at a club. But this was pre-muscles — nobody cares and we’re pretty sure that venture tanked.

210716 BobbyDeol1

It’s 2018 and if DJ Body hit the decks with those pecs, we’re sure there’s a career revival to be had. He doesn’t even have to play anything. Just show up and make sure that the club doesn’t have a strict shirt policy.

Bobby Deol race 3 movie

While the rest of the Race 3 trailer, teases some pretty bleak comebacks:

bobby deol race

We’re sure Bobby’s return is going to make it worthwhile. Why else would he upload a picture of himself, partially clothed, announcing he had just finished shooting a scene which involves him in ice cold water?

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He knows it’s the only way to quench our thirst.