Decoding the body language of these madly-in-love celebrity couples Advertisement

Decoding the body language of these madly-in-love celebrity couples

What are Akshay Kumar's feet saying to Twinkle Khanna?

By ELLE team  September 8th, 2017

When you see a couple lovingly holding hands, you never think that two weeks later, they’ll be heading for an acrimonious split. But that’s because you’re not reading the signs, specifically being given away by their body language. His distant eyes and her downward facing palms all form a recipe for disaster. Which is why we’re somewhat assured these celebrity couples are in it for the long haul.

Take a look at the loved-up duo that is Shahid and Mira Kapoor, and you’ll notice that their eyes — aways firmly locked onto each other — are loaded with intention. Akshay Kumar’s palms do all his talking, which makes sense because there’s no way you can outsmart the wit of Twinkle Khanna. If they’re looking for clues, Sonam Kapoor’s lingering looks and Alia Bhatt’s casual hip lean are what the gossip columns should really be writing about.

Here’s how to decode the body language of love:

Holding hands

Holding hands with someone you love releases a chemical called oxytocin that reduces stress. But the way you hold hands says a lot about your relationship with the person attached to the hand your holding. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle are the perfect couple to demonstrate the 'palm down' hand hold, possibly the most common of all the hand embraces. Akshay's hand is on top with his palm facing down establishing him as the more dominant one in this scenario. This is more often than not a protective stance. Not that Twinkle needs protecting, but it's always nice to have a helping hand. 

Palms up

Putting your palms up doesn't just mean you want to raise the roof. It's a non-threatening gesture meant to symbolise offering yourself to your partner. According to psychologists, when you laugh in a room full of people, the person whose eye you catch in that moment is the person closest to you. The steady eye contact, Akshay's lean towards Twinkle and her upward-facing palms are seriously #goals

Feet placement

No one really spends a lot of time looking at their partners' feet unless they have a foot fetish. But you may want to check out your lover's feet for reasons other than convincing them to get a manicure. In this couple's photo, you can clearly see Akshay's feet pointing towards Twinkle. Translation? He's moving towards her. The body points towards where the mind wants to go


It's a psychological phenomenon where you start naturally imitating the person you're with. Their body language, the words they use and sometimes, even the way they dress. Ever hear the phrase, "Your'e rubbing off on me" ? That's mirroring right there.

The arm link

More common on red carpets but when seen in front of street art, it implies the person holding their partner's arm is seeking protection. It could also be seen as possessiveness. Mark your territory, gurl.

The lingering kiss

Shahid put this picture up in celebration of his one-year anniversary with Mira, but he didn't need to caption it because the lingering kiss gave away everything. A firm kiss planted on the lips is reserved for someone you love, extending that kiss long enough to get an Instagram worthy shot is reserved for fresh love. 

Eye contact

Lingering eye contact is a sign of affection and also strengthens the bond between a couple. But the real clincher here is in the pupils, dilated pupils means you're looking at something you love.. or that you're on drugs. Love is a drug, right?