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8 body oils that are better than your moisturiser

They’re more practical than sexy

By Anjan Sachar  December 7th, 2016

Like a warm hug, massage oils lull your mind and nourish your skin. A few minutes before a shower or just before bed, rub some oil between your palms and massage your body with upward strokes to give skin a lift. Try oils with lavender or ylang-ylang to de-stress, apricot to reduce muscle strain and patchouli or grapefruit to detox body and mind. 

The best part about new-age body oils? Some of them have formulations so light, they can double up as moisturisers, and don’t need to be washed off.    

8 body oils to treat yourself to 

Ananda in the Himalayas Detoxifying Body Oil, Rs 1,105
Forest Essentials Extra Rich Almond Body Oil in Mysore Sandalwood and Vetiver, Rs 2,075
Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment, Rs 1,500
The Body Shop Spa of the World French Lavender Massage Oil, Rs 1,695
Kama Ayurveda Madhuvanti Calming Massage Oil, Rs 715
Ma Earth Botanicals Relaxing Massage Oil, Rs 1,075
PurEarth Bitter Apricot Body and Hair Oil, Rs 3,800 approx
Pahadi Local Gutti ka Tel, Rs 1,500

Photo: Manasi Sawant