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The correct body care routine you need to follow for summer

Even if you sleep through snooze

By Trisha Chawla  June 21st, 2018

We almost never forget to put on sunblock and moisturiser on our face, but the same cannot be said for your body.  With only minutes to dash out of the door after hitting snooze on our multiple alarms, who has the time to slather on a sticky body lotion and wait for it to dry before we put on our skinny jeans? Enter: The Body Shop’s millennial take on their iconic Body Butters; the Body Yogurts.

The new age moisture-givers are so lightweight and non-greasy, they can sink into your skin in 15 secondsa boon for those of us who are in a perpetual rush. “The gel-cream formula is packed with hyaluronic acid that literally holds water in your skin. And because they are so lightweight, they don’t leave you with heavy, congested pores either,” says celebrity facialist, Vanda Serrador. To get the most out of them for summer, Serrador recommends; “Exfoliate your skin before you go into the shower to slough off dead skin and apply the Body Yogurts onto damp skin to really lock in the moisture. If you’re heading out, remember that the rule you follow is to apply what has to protect your skin first, so make sure you use sunblock and follow with the yogurts after.”

Keeping with The Body Shop’s commitment to ethical beauty, the entire range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, made with community trade ingredients from across the globe. The five scents on offer—Moringa, Strawberry, British Rose, Almond Milk and Mango—sound good enough to mix into a fruity summer cocktail. You know you need them.

The Body Shop Body Yogurt, Rs 845 for 200ml