This female bodybuilder keeps getting mistaken for Jennifer Lopez Advertisement

This female bodybuilder keeps getting mistaken for Jennifer Lopez

There's a new Jenny on the block...

By Jennifer Read-Dominguez  August 7th, 2017

The idea of having your very own doppelgänger somewhere in the world is fascinating as well as creepy – but for some, that dead ringer just happens to be a celebrity. 

And now, Jennifer Lopez has met her very own match – here’s fitness and figure competitor Janice Garay, who keeps being mistaken for the star… 

The 26-year-old from Houston, Texas, exclusively told Digital Spy that she’s often stopped in the street and told by strangers, “You look the spit of Jennifer Lopez”, and she claims as of now, she’s “the girl who is breaking the internet”. 

Commenting on one of her recent Instagram photos, one follower wrote, “Swear I thought it was J-Lo when I saw your pic”, while someone else said: “You’re literally her doppelgänger!”

Another added: “I seriously thought J-Lo had to get muscular for a movie role…” 

Speaking to Digital Spy, Janice said: “I get comments on my Instagram photos that I look like J-Lo every single day and a lot of my followers have come from that.

“People even say that they can see a resemblance between my bottom and J-Lo’s famous derriere, which makes me laugh.

“I think I just look a lot like her from a side profile and with my hair up!” 

It’s not just about reaching goals, but who you become and how you evolve along the way!

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She added: “I’ve never met Jennifer Lopez but I’d love the two of us to come together one day.” 


One thing’s for sure, she’ll be soaking up all the free (protein) drinks she can…