8 Bollywood actors on their struggle with body image issues

You have better odds of winning 1 billion dollars in a lottery than finding a human being with zero body image issues. No matter how much we decry society’s attempts to pigeonhole us, we’re often our own worst critics. Think back to conversations with your friends or family and you’ll notice a pattern: Everyone has a goal they’re looking to achieve and are never happy until they get there, at which point, they discover another supposed flaw.

Often, these goals are hinged on helping you achieve the sculpted bodies and groomed looks of celebrities. If you too have secretly (or not so secretly) vied for Priyanka Chopra’s hair and Deepika Padukone’s legs, then you should know that even seemingly perfect women have insecurities and struggles with their bodies and how they’re presented. The trouble with living in the public’s eye is not only having these insecurities pointed out to you often, but also being treated as an object that can be put through the scanner for anyone to see and leer at. 

How Sonam, Deepika and company confront body image issues

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