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9 time Bollywood celebrities looked like your favourite Disney characters

When you have a team of fairy godmothers working their magic

By ELLE team  November 21st, 2017

Bollywood’s ‘It’ girls are switching the fairytale romances for storybook fashions. They may have not have fairy godmothers but there’s definitely an abundance of fashion designers who know how to work their magic. Besides, on red carpets, the glamour doesn’t wear off at midnight. We’re not sure if Disney inspired these looks, but if you ask us, these dresses will make everyone feel like a princess… or a fabulous villain. 

Take Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in that powder blue Michael Cinco ballgown at the Cannes Film Festival, looking like a modern-day Cinderella (stepping out of a limousine instead of a mutant pumpkin). Or Kareena Kapoor Khan in a black Gaurav Gupta that turned her into the spectacular and highly misunderstood Maleficent. If Angelina Jolie is looking to cast the official Bollywood remake, her job’s already half done.        

9 times these stars took style cues from Disney:


Jacqueline Fernandez much like Rapunzel likes to let down her long hair. This Yanina Couture lets Jacqueline do just that. We'd love to see Jacqueline sporting this sheer dress in a live action remake of Tangled.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's fairy godmother was none other than the Dubai-based Filipino designer, Michael Cinco, who bibbity bobbity boo'd that dress out of our daydreams and onto the red carpet. Aishwarya is already married to the Prince of Bollywood, so it would make sense that she gets to wear the dress too. Hey, if the glass slipper fits... 


No points for guessing who plays Belle in this Beauty And The Beast couple shot. While Katrina and Ranbir didn't get their happily ever after, Katrina did get to sport this Tony Ward gown. Honestly, it doesn't matter if the magic wore off or not, we're under the spell of her dress. 


Gaurav Gupta's structured sleeve is working all sorts of dark magic on us. Seriously, who doesn't want to see Kareena Kapoor play a Disney villain? Look at that face. No doubt Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on one of Kapoor's cheekbones and not a spindle. 


Sleeping Beauty may have been locked away in a tower slumbering away precious hours that she could have used for showing off her dress, but Sonam Kapoor is having none of it. We're glad true love's kiss has Sonam Kapoor up and about, otherwise we may have never got to witness the genius of Elie Saab. This custom-made gown is anything but a yawn.


Sonam Kapoor may not have a pet tiger or a magic carpet, but she does have Masaba who is sort of like a genie when it comes to granting fashion wishes. This co-ord modern take on the sari was custom made for Sonam, but we can't help thinking Masaba drew some inspiration from Aladdin. On the off chance she didn't, Sonam really took the look home with her gold earrings and dark tresses.

The Queen, Snow White

The brilliant actress that is Deepika Padukone could pull off being the bad guy and still manage to look oh-so-good. If The Queen had consulted her magic mirror wearing that Marchesa dress, we're sure she would have remained the fairest of them all. Seriously, how many poison apples do you have to eat to look like that in a sheer dress?