6 foods that Jacqueline, Deepika and other actresses have cut out of their diets

You are what you eat. A simple adage that defines what the current generation of stars will allow on their plate. Jacqueline Fernandez has no space for sugar in her diet, just as Parineeti Chopra has no space for eggs and milk in her refrigerator. But the year is 2017, and crash dieting isn’t a term to be thrown around loosely.

The fittest names in Bollywood are meticulous, to a fault, about what they’ll allow in their diets, powered on by a team of hard-working dieticians. Before you blindly follow suit, we asked popular nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel to decode what it means to eliminate certain foods from your diet and what you should definitely be replacing them with.

Here’s to educated, better informed dietary decisions.

Jacqueline, Alia and more will never touch these foods

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