6 foods that Jacqueline, Deepika and other actresses have cut out of their diets Advertisement

6 foods that Jacqueline, Deepika and other actresses have cut out of their diets

Parineeti Chopra won’t eat eggs, Sonam Kapoor has given up on curd altogether

By Hasina Khatib  July 17th, 2017

You are what you eat. A simple adage that defines what the current generation of stars will allow on their plate. Jacqueline Fernandez has no space for sugar in her diet, just as Parineeti Chopra has no space for eggs and milk in her refrigerator. But the year is 2017, and crash dieting isn’t a term to be thrown around loosely.

The fittest names in Bollywood are meticulous, to a fault, about what they’ll allow in their diets, powered on by a team of hard-working dieticians. Before you blindly follow suit, we asked popular nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel to decode what it means to eliminate certain foods from your diet and what you should definitely be replacing them with.

Here’s to educated, better informed dietary decisions.

Jacqueline, Alia and more will never touch these foods

parineeti chopra


It took a detour to every A-lister's favourite detox centre, Viva Mayr in Austria, to help Parineeti realise why she wasn’t losing weight despite eating healthy. The villain of the piece? Milk. “What they do there is completely cleanse and reboot your system. Now I know which foods suit me and why milk is harder to digest,” she recalls.

“Dairy products are high in calcium and serve as a complete protein source. It’s the perfect protein for vegetarians. If you must eliminate dairy from your diet, make sure you pay enough attention to your protein requirement of the day,” explains Kinita. Milk is also frowned upon in celebrity diets due to its fat content. Make like Alia Bhatt and have it replaced with an organic, low fat version so as to still receive the benefits of protein.

Sonam Kapoor


Likewise, Sonam Kapoor’s dietician Radhika Karle discovered that yoghurt didn’t do her sensitive stomach any good, and consequently knocked out the curd Sonam consumed with every meal. The probiotics in yoghurt help increase immunity, so only eliminate it from your diet if you’re compensating with a probiotic supplement. 

sonam kapoor

Red meat

Once a lover of all types of junk food, Sonam sobered down when she learned the amount of fats red meat packs in, before ultimately turning vegan. If you’ve been looking to trim down your intake of fats, leave red meats out of your diet and instead, opt for lean meats such as chicken, turkey and tuna. 

Deepika Padukone


Long considered the bad guy of the weight loss pyramid, rice is often shunned from celebrity diets. Even self-confessed rice lover Deepika Padukone takes care to avoid it at night. If you’ve been watching the carbs too, opt for a safer alternative like brown rice as it’s comparatively high on fibre and nutrients.