What you can learn from these celebrity breakups

Celebrity breakups are just as painful — if not more — than regular people’s heartaches. Living out your relationship in the public eye isn’t easy, with people constantly watching you  and projecting their judgements and expectations on to your love life. But like us, they try and distract themselves, work through it and even share their experiences.

While they may think we’re in it just for the gossip, there is a lot their fans learn from watching a celebrity relationship end. Like when Alia Bhatt exclaimed there’s nothing worse than bad breakup advice. “I hate it when people tell you to try and distract yourself. That’s very lame.” Priyanka Chopra echoes Alia’s thoughts, admitting that she doesn’t believe in hiding from heartbreak. “I don’t run away from my problems. I believe in facing them,” she admits. After breaking up with John Abraham, her long-term partner, Bipasha Basu had our empathy when she admitted, “No breakup is ever amicable. Otherwise, no one would break up. There are always reasons.”

So what can the lessons learnt from these celebrity breakups teach you about navigating love in your own life? Read on    

Celebrity breakups and the lessons they’ve taught us:

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