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Rating the compatibility of 9 Bollywood couples, according to their zodiac signs

The stars reveal all

By Shweta Gandhi  September 15th, 2017

They say matches are made in heaven. But does heaven pay consideration to the zodiac sign of the couples before pairing them up?

For instance, Libran Gauri and Scorpion Shah Rukh Khan are the picture-perfect family. But their sun signs reveal the dark side of the relationship that forces the duo to deal with many challenging times. Meanwhile, Sonam Kapoor, who’s a Gemini, and Anand Ahuja, who’s a Leo, are reflective of an easy-breezy relationship that’s strongly cemented in friendship, and the stars are in their favour. 

On the contrary, Geminian Disha Patani and Piscean Tiger Shroff have opposing sun signs with few things in common. Scorpion Aishwarya Rai and Aquarian Abhishek Bachchan are both passionate lovers; Capricorn Twinkle and Virgoan Akshay Khanna perfectly match each other’s pace; Cancerian Ranveer Singh’s loving and caring nature keeps his relationship afloat with Deepika Padukone, a Capricorn.

Here are 9 Bollywood couples and their sun sign compatibility, decoded.

How compatible are these Bollywood couples, according to their zodiac sign?

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s birthday: 5 January / Sun sign: Capricorn
Ranveer’s birthday: 6 July / Sun sign: Cancer

When a Capricorn and a Cancerian meet, the two bring out each other's karmic debts. Though Deepika and Ranveer share many things in common, they can only truly commit to each other once they deal with their problems and become free of their past residue. In Deepika's case, these issues point towards her past relationships that have closed her off and made it difficult for her to trust people. But given the typical Cancerian traits of showering love and attention on their partner, Ranveer's praises and generosity keep the relationship afloat. Astrologically speaking, this compatibility will work if both are able to find a common ground.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma

Anushka's birthday: May 1 / Sun sign: Taurus
Virat's birthday: November 5 / Sun sign: Scorpio

A Taurus and a Scorpio both love physical pleasure, and their sexual and emotional connection will be the driving force of this relationship. This could lead to Virat and Anushka developing feelings of possessiveness for each other, which may get a bit too much at times for Anushka, especially if her practicality is challenged by Virat. Taureans are known to be family people, but it will take a while for the Scorpion to decide if this is *it*. Clearly, the two have spent a lot of time in introspection and have decided that this is worth it, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan

Kareena’s birthday: September 21 // Sun sign: Virgo
Saif’s birthday: August 16 // Sun sign: Leo

A Leo and a Virgo are too practical when they are together, and though this combination works wonders for work and communication matters, it could dampen their emotional side. Though Saif is a Leo — known for their dominating nature — it is Kareena who has the upper hand in this relationship. This could restrict Saif's freedom. But given their deep mutual attraction, this synastry could work out. Good thing both of them are homely people; their domestic life will be peaceful.


Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja

Sonam's birthday: June 9 / Sun sign: Gemini
Anand's birthday: July 30 / Sun sign: Leo

A Leo and a Gemini have so much fun together that it makes everyone else go green with envy, and one swipe through either of their Instagram profiles will prove that. Whether they are taking selfies on the streets of New York or attending a multi-crore wedding in London together, their days and nights are full of ear-to-ear smiles. The reason for this could be their strong friendship, which forms the basis of them being such a perfect couple. Their only challenge is their ability to adapt to change as both of them approach it differently. While Sonam's duality will give her a personality that's prone to change at the drop of a hat, Anand will need time to understand that. Their mutual respect and understanding, however, will ensure they pass their relationship tests with flying colours. Here's to more happy days (and Instagram selfies).

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff

Disha's birthday: June 13 // Sun sign: Gemini
Tiger's birthday: March 2 // Sun sign: Pisces

Pisces is one sign that gets along with literally any sign, but with Gemini, they don't have too much in common — except that they are both liable to change their thoughts and plans at the last minute. While Disha has more mental strength, Tiger's sign veers towards the emotional side, and this can often lead to misunderstandings. These two signs go well at social events, but they usually don't share mutual goals. Still, given that Disha and Tiger are both fitness and health freaks, we can see why this relationship is still working. 

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya's birthday: November 1 // Sun sign: Scorpio
Abhishek's birthday: February 5 // Sun sign: Aquarius

Though Scorpio is not a friendly one, it has a certain affinity for an Aquarius. Perhaps its their independence, their oddity or their futuristic thinking that makes Scorpio feel at home. Aishwarya's sign is the boss in this relationship, hands down, and Aquarius doesn't mind one bit — he loves her possessive way of showing affection. It is said that these two signs come together when they have a karmic debt. And if that is the case, we can happily say that the debt is being written off by all the love that the two share between each other. 

Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan

Gauri's birthday: October 8 // Sun sign: Libra 
Shah Rukh's birthday: November 2 // Sun sign: Scorpio

According to the stars, this is not a typically easy relationship — Libra and Scorpio constantly test each other by bringing out each other's darker sides. Scorpio's deep and intense emotional side can, more often than not, appear too impractical for the balanced Libra. But with a plus point of having an incredibly passionate sex life, who in their right minds wouldn't want to make this relationship work?


Twinkle and Akshay Khanna

Twinkle’s birthday: December 29 / Sun sign: Capricorn
Akshay’s birthday: September 9 / Sun sign: Virgo

Twinkle and Akshay both belong to the Earth element, and they perfectly match each other's pace. Capricorn and Virgo are known to build love, respect and trust on the foundation of mutual understanding and introspection. Akshay has often called Twinkle his lady luck, and rightly so, for when these two sun signs meet, it ends the search for perfection. The two give each other enough time and listen to each other. Twinkle's need for temperance has brought stability in Akshay's life which has improved his career graph.