All the ratchet dance moves you missed at Sonam Kapoor's mehendi Advertisement

All the ratchet dance moves you missed at Sonam Kapoor’s mehendi

Badshah's performance getting hijacked by Varun Dhawan is key

By ELLE team  May 8th, 2018

Let’s just put it out there, the Kapoors know how to party. All of them, it’s a family trait. If they weren’t actors, the entire family could go into party planning. In true Punjabi style, the Kapoors and their closest Bollywood friends and fam pulled out their best Bollywood steps for Sonam Kapoor’s mehendi . They like to dance so much, Rhea Kapoor literally wore her dancing shoes to kick of the celebrations. 

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The bride and groom grooved to a Cheap Thrills Punjabi remix, with Sonam throwing some major thumkas to dhol beats. 

But there was nothing cheap about those thrills. We’re not sure who preformed this rendition of the song but we do know that Sukhbir dropped by for a quick performance.  

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Yup, that’s Karan Johar grooving with father of the bride Anil Kapoor. Super casual. And then Anil Kapoor pulls Shilpa Shetty into the dance-off, just cos. 

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Anil and Shilpa continue to groove to Apache Indian’s Chake De!, this happens at all weddings, kind of. 

Then Sukhbir busted out the party starter track of all party starter tracks, Ishq Tera Tadpave. We could have died happy then, because honestly no self-respecting Punjabi wedding is complete without that beat. Can we get an “Oh ho oh ho?”

But then this happened at Sonam Kapoor’s mehendi.

That’s Badshah. Yes, Bad Boy Shah, doing a performance which started off as a solo. That is, until Varun Dhawan got beside himself on a Monday night and commandeered the mic for a duet, belting Saturday Saturday to the wedding crowd. Not to be left out, Arjun Kapor then hits the DJ console for the rap portion of the song. 

 Do they know it’s not a Saturday? It’s a Monday. The Kapoors party this hard on a Monday.

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Then everyone (Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan) missed Ranveer Singh for a bit because, shenanigans. 

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Then the fam gathered around Sonam to tie the chudis that would determine the next family wedding. With the aunties calling out to Anshula, Swara and the other girls to be a part of the ceremony.