Things only you and your sister will get, as told by Bollywood Advertisement

Things only you and your sister will get, as told by Bollywood

When you share more than just a last name

By ELLE team  August 28th, 2017

It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are, if you have a sister, chances are she will steal your clothes. You will fight and make up and then maybe fight again. She’ll annoy you, but she’ll knock down anybody else who does the same. You will turn on each other for a chocolate bar but fight the rest of the world together. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous, you guys will get famous together. If she’s stylish that means you are too, and when you fail to apply your winged liner you always have a helping hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Kapoor sister or a Bhatt sister, if you have a sister you’ve definitely experienced these things at one point in time or another:

When you accidentally end up "twinning"

The advantage of having a sister is that you always have a shopping buddy, someone to help tell you what works and what doesn't. The disadvantage is you guys may have similar tastes which results in some regular twinning situations. This is cute, sometimes, mostly before puberty. But rushing out the door together to head to the same location where you were hoping to make an entrance only to discover that you two threw on the same outfit—considerably less cute. 

Raiding each others closets

The plus side of having a sister is that you have a whole extra closet to raid whenever you feel like it. The downside is that your closet could be raided whenever she feels like it. Looking for your favourite top only to discover on Instagram that your sister has taken it with her out of town isn't the most fun. But before you start a fight, remember that time you lost her favourite lipstick.

Embarrassing stories

There's no denying that no one knows your most embarrassing moments like your sister—after all, she was there through all those awkward "character building" years. And while she will never spill any secrets that could do any real harm, you bet she is going to share that picture of you with buck teeth and a fringe every chance she gets. She's also occasionally bring up "that time when...."  in front of all the wrong people while you cringe to yourself.

Company on family holidays

Most people have to worry about killing time with their parents but with a sister you can go off and have some quality sister time. Not to mention someone to always take those "candid" holiday pictures.

The dreaded, constant comparison

When you have a sibling it's bound to happen, even if you two are identical—people will still find a way to tell you to be more like the other one. And if you two are nothing alike, people will be sure to mention that too. School teachers, parent's friends, your friends and even random passers by on the road will feel like they're entitled to weigh in. We're sure even Alia Bhatt gets the occasional "Why can't you be more like Shaheen?" which both the Bhatt sisters will probably laugh off. They know who they are and are perfectly happy with their equation because at the end of the day your sister is the one supporting you in everything you do. 

Your ultimate support system

No one teases you more than your sister but when push comes to shove you guys are a team no one would mess with. No one is rooting for your success more than your sister and even when your parents don't approve, you know your sister has your back.

The best throwback pictures

We don't need to elaborate on the importance of a good throwback picture.


The number of friends you accumulate doesn't matter, your sister will always be a permanent member of your squad. And sometimes you'll complain about her hanging with you and your friends but that's only when you're not hanging with her friends.