6 healthy restaurants loved by your favourite celebrities

With strictly monitored diets and even stricter waistlines, you can be sure that Bollywood’s top stars do their post-workout snacking at some of the healthiest places in town. Because let’s be honest, healthy food can be tasty especially if you leave it to the pros. So while you’re waiting for your avocado to ripen, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora have already got theirs on ragi toast to go, preferably from The Village Shop. Cold pressed juice enthusiast Jacqueline Fernandez divides her time between Pali Village Cafe and iThink Fitness cafe, where she won’t have to worry about having to count those calories on her own.     

And if you’re a millennial with a gluten problem, you may want to look to next-gen Bollywood for food recommendations. Sara Ali Khan, for example, combines her hectic workout schedule with grab-and-go salads at Kitchen Garden, where she’s likely to bump into Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira sitting down for a low-fat meal.  

If you want to eat like your favourite stars, we’ve compiled the best places to beat those cravings, guilt-free. 

Bollywood’s favourite healthy restaurants

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