Bollywood’s favourite skin expert, Jewel Gamadia, shares his best advice

Scroll through the Instagram feeds of Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, and you’re bound to encounter the million-watt smile of acupuncturist Dr Jewel Gamadia. Even Jacqueline Fernandez, who lived with bad skin allergies and stomach ailments for a long time, credits her recovery to the good doctor. So, what’s his special power? His belief that everything we do or put into our bodies is manifested on our skin. When he’s not healing with acupuncture therapies in Mumbai, he’s recommending simple lifestyle changes for glowing skin and a stronger body to his clientele in London. While you wait to get on his wait list, here’s his advice for getting on your journey to A-list health in the meantime:

ELLE: What is your beauty philosophy?

Jewel Gamadia: Beauty is all about how your organs function. Any health irregularities or skin disorders, like acne or eczema, are not diseases by themselves, but symptoms of something going wrong internally. Instead of treating the symptom, my aim is to fix the root of the problem, like nutrient deficiencies, improper digestion or slow collagen production, through lifestyle changes.

ELLE: What’s the science behind acupuncture?

JG: I practise Western acupuncture, which follows the traditional philosophy, but is based on modern medical advances. Needles are used in certain spots to stimulate the nervous system and trigger different biological reactions. This could be anything from improving the flow of blood to your liver (for detoxification) to bettering your digestion.

ELLE: What are some key lifestyle changes you would suggest for better overall health?

JG: Chew your food more! It helps your body absorb less fat and sugar, makes food easy to digest, and reduces chances of acidity and bloating. I have also cut out wheat and milk from my diet, since both the ingredients are heavy on the stomach, and our sedentary lifestyles don’t help with breaking them down efficiently.

Dr. Jewel Gamadia’s diet essentials:

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