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Bollywood’s go-to skin expert on the supplements women should be taking

Dr. Jewel Gamadia's at it again

By Tatiana Dias  March 13th, 2019

Bollywood’s favourite go-to skin expert, Dr Jewel Gamadia just announced the launch of his healthy range of supplements so you can get the skin of your dreams. The go-to dermatologist for celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Ajay Devgn, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Anushka Sharma, Jewel Life Science is a “potent, effective and ethical line of health meds,” according to Gamadia’s Instagram announcement. We caught up with the doctor to find what his new venture is all about.

ELLE: Tell us a little bit more about your new venture.

Jewel Gamadia: JLS (Jewel Life Science) works with some of the best formulators around the world to make better and potent vitamins, micro nutrients, enzymes and medicines. I have my patents which are going to be manufactured in Europe and America under some of the worlds best manufacturing facilities which match the highest international standards of quality. Soon we can expect top-of-the-line, chemical-free, plant-based skin care, water engineering and nutrient based targeted medicine.

ELLE: What are the benefits of taking supplements? How essential are they to your health?

JG: The quality of food is poor today, chemical infiltrations are inevitable, so our body gets neither the right nutrients nor the right amount of nutrients. This leads to health issues because of deficiency and hence supplements play a vital role in this generation. They are very important because every thing, from your hair to your skin, needs nutrients daily, and that is why you need to take them.

ELLE: When is the right age to start taking supplements?

JG: There is no stipulated age as such, but as you grow older, you need the help of vitamins as your body absorbs less from normal food. Alternatively, if you see a symptom, (such as hair fall), you need the right pill.

ELLE: What are the most important vitamins that women need to consume and why?

JG: Women need the good support of nutrition as their body has to go through cycles every month. What i have found beneficial is:

– B-Complex
– Iron
– Magnesium
– Vitamin C

This helps your body regulate the nutrient loss and helps hormone balance you need a good multi vitamin too if you 30+.

ELLE: What should consumers look out for when purchasing supplements?

JG: When purchasing a supplement, don’t forget to read the front and the back of the label. Keep an eye out for the fine print and do not fall for fancy statements. There is something called DV or RDV (daily values or recommended daily values) on a supplement, so ensure that the percentages are not too high—especially, if you looking to consume it daily or if you are looking for a mild lifestyle vitamin.