Bombay Bassment rejig their debut album – here's an exclusive listen! Advertisement

Bombay Bassment rejig their debut album – here’s an exclusive listen!

Randolph Correia (aka FUNC) delivers a fresh take

By Pratika Yashaswi  May 27th, 2016

Hip hop and reggae outfit Bombay Bassment is putting out a second version of their wildly popular, eponymous debut album on June 1, and we’ve got you an exclusive listen of the opening track! For the uninitiated: Their sound is a drum’n’bass-ey cocktail of the best Afro-Caribbean genres, fused with the Bombay roots of their culturally eclectic band. (The band features two Goans, a South-Indian and an African.)

Titled Bombay Bassment x FUNC VIP, the new album features the same tracklist, except it’s rejigged by their longtime friend Randolph Correia – and his superlative console chops. Correia is best known as one half of Shaa’ir + Func and as the guitarist of Pentagram, and he’s also one of the most industrious producers in the independent music scene. “It’s a ‘Bombay album’ in how Bombay understands and plays reggae and hip-hop. We’re not trying to be authentic. This is our take on this music,” says Correia of the collaboration. “There’s a lot of East Indian vibes, Marathi vibes on this album, and a lot of subtle local, urban vibes that we decided to put in it.”

Here’s a teaser from Bombay Bassment x FUNC VIP:

Sample ‘Show Me What You Got’ from their 2014 album. Turn the volume way up!

…and here’s an exclusive listen at Randolph Correia aka FUNC’s take on it:

Bombay Bassment’s commencing their India tour from Mumbai on June 3. Catch them at antiSOCIAL, Rohan Plaza, 5th Rd, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai