Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity Is Encouraging You To Get Creative With Its New Campaign

As a brand that celebrates art and innovation, Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity has recently collaborated with four artists from diverse walks of life for its campaign ‘Stir Creativity’. Tinaz Nooshian, the Editor-in-Chief at Mid-Day; thespian and musician Saba Azad; popular fashion designer Kunal Rawal; and Shilarna Vaze a.k.a. Chef Chinu, whom we know from her TV shows. There’s something about the city – Mumbai truly encourages art and creativity. These four artists draw inspiration from their regular Mumbai lives to design the cultural fabric of the city. Their refreshing work encourages people to not give in to societal biases, and follow their true passion and artistic dreams. This platform of Bombay Sapphire Stir Creativity salutes the spirit of these creative individuals and encourages you to unlock your potential. It is nudging you to tap into your artistic abilities and to spread positivity through art.

ELLE caught up with the four influencers to know their favourite thing about this city that never sleeps, and to understand what inspires them to think out of the box every day and stir creativity in their field.

Shilarna Vaze

“I think it’s more original thinking rather than the desire to be different just for the sake of it that is creative. It could be taking inspiration from something new you see in the market rather than what you have put down on the menu. It could be cooking in an entirely new environment or pushing yourself to do new things you never imagined before. Pushing that edge of uncertainty in everything and breaking away from typical linear thinking in my life and business inspires me to create. Even if you are scared (which I am a lot), put on a cloak of bravado and just go for it!”

Bombay Sapphire
Photograph: Anant Kumar

Saba Azad 

“I don’t think I’m necessarily thinking outside any box or boxes at all; the idea is to be an honest and original representation of one’s self. That it falls outside or inside any preconceived notion is entirely incidental. There should be a consistent effort to find your own voice, whatever that may be. The truer you are to that the more likely you are to stand out. There is only one you, no one else in the world can be more you than you; the moment you find what that means, you’ve found a creative path unlike any other.”

Bombay Sapphire
Photograph: Anant Kumar

Kunal Rawal

“My most favourite thing about Mumbai has to be the people. And because of the way the city is, we are all in such close proximity, so the kind of diverse individuals you interact with makes people my muse. Especially, those fighting to adapt and evolve in a new world as well as the Indian youth. For me, creativity is a mood—a feeling and an emotion. Artists everywhere scratched beneath the surface and used their sadness, anger, joy, gratitude and all these other emotions to create. Keeping myself happy and engaged did the trick for me. Tapping into these sentiments was what made me create some of my best work yet.”

Photograph: Anant Kumar

Tinaz Nooshian

“It’s been delightful to be part of a unique idea that celebrates inspiration and Mumbai creators. I love that Mumbai is a working-class city with a democratic stance, giving everyone an almost equal opportunity. It’s tough to determine what exactly makes a mind creative. But, I think, at the most elementary level, I am inspired to think outside the usual because I am offered the freedom to. In order to unlock your creative potential, you must be more than your job…Live more than your role. Learn what you thought you didn’t need. Watch, read and hear what you believed wouldn’t hold your attention. Taste what you thought you wouldn’t like. Spend some time (not too much) with those you don’t dig. Everything we do, magically finds its way to this giant sponge of experiences that we carry with us, and dip into unconsciously when we need inspiration. Feed this reservoir.”

Location: Cafe Dela Paix, Opera House

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