7 books Sonam Kapoor really wants you to read

If Sonam Kapoor’s Koffee With Karan interviews are anything to go by, she’s tried to drop a hint that she’s not just highly fashionable, she’s also an incurable book worm. Not the type that tries to pass off airport thrillers as her favourite reads either. Sonam’s a straight-up nerd. It doesn’t matter what genre or author, if it’s got compelling words, Sonam will find it and read it.

While stalking through her Instagram, we discovered that the only thing she gets gifted more than bags is books. Like that time she was sent Deepak Chopra’s version of the Kama Sutra along with some Jane Austin favourites and a book on Hollywood’s most infamous murders.

A post shared by sonamkapoor (@sonamkapoor) on Jun 7, 2016 at 7:08am PDT

If you love her fashion choices, we’re guessing you’ll fall in love with her personal library too.

Sonam Kapoor’s favourite books

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