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5 simple ways to take care of your clothes and make them last longer

Proper maintenance goes a long way

By Bosch  June 7th, 2018

Fast fashion has made it easy and equally enticing to buy more than we often need, with the real underlying issue being the lack of information on how to increase the longevity of the clothes. According to BBC, India is the top importer of used clothes from countries like the US and the UK, and tonnes of torn and used clothes (made out of natural fibres like wool and cotton) are recycled at mills in Northern India. Then there are fabrics like polyester that take up to 200 years to breakdown in landfill, generating a huge amount of waste.

Avert the possibility of your clothes ending up in landfill and increase their life by following these simple tips:

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1. Invest in the Bosch Top Load washing machine to give your clothes the care they deserve

With the Bosch Top Load washing machine, you don’t need to worry about washing your clothes — the machine is designed to provide extra care for your everyday wear. With its advanced German technology — that includes the energy-efficient VarioInverter motor and the PowerWave Wash System — the Top Load washing machine gives an optimum washing performance every single time, ensuring your clothes are washed with all the care they need.

2. Read the tags on the inside of garments for washing instructions

One of the biggest reasons for clothes losing their charm is the lack of attention we pay to the tags attached on the inner lining of garments. These mention the washing guidelines — the temperature of water, coloured vs. whites etc. — that can tremendously increase the shelf life of your garments. We would recommend the Bosch Top Load washing machine’s hot/cold fill that gives you the option of a hot, cold or warm wash to suit fabric types and soiling conditions.

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3. Iron or steam your clothes to maintain their shape

Wrinkled clothes tend to wear out more than clothes that are well ironed as they lose their shape and form. Iron out the creases and the wrinkles — make sure you use the right heat level for the fabric you’re ironing — before storing it in your wardrobe.

4. Store your clothes carefully

The way you store your clothes can make them last for years. The Bosch Top Load washing machine’s Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint and fluff from your clothes, so your laundry stays cleaner and does not soil other clothes. Avoid squishing your clothes together as this can cause the garments to wrinkle and fade faster. Also, double check your wardrobe is cool and dry as exposure to heat and moisture can cause mould growth. Use naphthalene balls if necessary

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5. Repair and mend torn clothes rather than disposing them off

Whether it’s a missing button or a loose thread, keep your clothes in check and mend them as soon as they incur damage. Keep a sewing kit handy. You can also get creative and try out DIY tricks to give your clothes a personal touch.