Simplify your summer beauty routine with Botanical Summers by Paul Penders

Started by environmental activist Paul Penders and owned by Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, the Dehradun-based beauty company has always upheld its philosophy of “no animal testing” and “no chemicals”. Botanical Summers by Paul Penders Botanicals takes this philosophy forward, while helping you reboot your summer skincare routine.

Paul Penders Botanicals has solutions for all your hot weather skin woes, from a puffy face to skin that needs serious exfoliation. You can start with a light cleanse on your face with the Alpinia and Tea Tree Cleansing Wash infused with anti-bacterial action of alpinia extract and tea tree oil that removes blemishes, impurities and excess oil while regulating sebum production.

Paul Penders

Next comes the one essential that summers are incomplete without—sunblock. Paul Penders’ Herbal Sun Prosperity, a lightweight sunscreen lotion that provides suffient protection from the UV Rays of the sun, makes using SPF less invasive. Plus, this non-greasy formula has Vitamin A & E that absorbs easily into the skin and helps protect it from sun damage while keeping it hydrated and soft.

Paul Penders

The vegan beauty effect has also transformed the mists offered by Paul Penders. The organic and herbal face mist infused with a Roman Chamomile Extract provides a relaxing effect on all skin types as it replenishes the moisture from your skin. You can also add a pop of colour with the natural handmade cream lipsticks that are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, natural butter, and plant oils.

Finally, there are two fragrances to choose from. You can switch your summer scent with a spray called Freedom. It smells like citrusy florals and is a holistic fragrance made from an extract of 22 organic and aromatic herbs combined with fine essential oils grown around the world.

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