Bottega Veneta's fashion film Emotion Of Sound Advertisement

Bottega Veneta’s fashion film Emotion Of Sound without doubt the most beautiful thing you'll see all day

Bottega Veneta’s new fashion film, Emotion Of Sound, brings its Spring/Summer 2015 collection to life. The ballet dancers move ever so gracefully to every beat, enhancing the beauty of every garment.

“Sound can be a very intriguing sense, and just as the other senses, highly personal,” says Tomas Maier, creative director of Bottega Veneta. “It can convey a lot about its source and can trigger imagination unique to the individual. I was interested in exploring this through the creation of something utterly unique, and could not be more impressed with the result of this collaboration.”

The goal was to use the sensory element of sound to captivate and connect with the viewer on a different level. The film will be showcased through a special installation, from March 7 through March 16 exclusively in Japan at Bottega Veneta’s Ginza outpost. It’s where visitors will be able to engage with the installation by watching their own silhouettes transform into animated dancers that glide across a screen.