4 bras that every adult woman needs to own Advertisement

4 bras that every adult woman needs to own

Allow us to argue the merits of a stand-up sports bra

By ELLE team  June 21st, 2017

There’s a shortlist of things that qualifies you to be an adult member of the female species. Managing your own finances? Yes. Being able to feed yourself (pasta made from scratch or Zomato on speed dial, we’re not judging)? Yes. Knowing your bra size and buying bras that actually do what they’re supposed to do? Hell, yes. 

In case you’re stuck on this particular stage of adulting, fret not. The rescue team has arrived.

Strapless support

Marks and Spencer strapless Bra new

Marks & Spencer strapless bralette

Never underestimate the benefits of a bloody good strapless bra, one that doesn’t go all laissez-faire while you’re busting a dance move at your cousin’s sangeet within full view of every red-blooded male guest. Expert tip: When you’re shopping for a strapless bra, remove the straps in the trial room and boogie like no one’s watching. If there’s no spillage or sinkage, you’ve got yourself a keeper.   

Smooth operator

marks spencer t shirt bra

Marks & Spencer full cup bra

Wearing a lace bra under a fitted T-shirt is a rookie mistake, unless you consider unsightly lumps and bumps attractive. T-shirt bras usually come in cotton and offer complete coverage, to ensure your assets are well-supported and shapely.

Game changer     

Reebok high support, Rs 3,699
Adidas sports bra, Rs 3,899
Reebok yoga bra, Rs 2,999
Puma sports bra, Rs 3,499
Marks and Spencer, Rs 2,199
Marks and Spencer, Rs 2,499
Stella McCartney for Adidas, price on request
Puma Power Shape, Rs 2,299

Don’t even think about stepping into the gym or hitting the jogging track without the assistance of a built-to-last sports bra. Nobody deserves that kind of pain in their lives.

Sexy secret

HM bodysuit

H&M microfibre and lace bodysuit

Whether you need a pick-me-up on a dull mid-week morning or looking to surprise your significant other just because, a little indulgence goes a long way.