This is how celebrities pull off backless gowns and plunging necklines without fear Advertisement

This is how celebrities pull off backless gowns and plunging necklines without fear

Banish that bra

By ELLE team  November 24th, 2017

You’ve spent a small fortune on that beautiful Manish Malhotra backless lehenga choli for your best friend’s wedding, and the last thing you want peeping out from under that couture masterpiece is a plastic bra strap. No, correct that, the last thing you want is to head to the ladies room to discover your silicon lift has been defeated by under-boob sweat.

That’s right, going braless can be a pain, no matter what your body type. If you’re curvy, you probably live in perennial fear of flashing more skin than you bargained for. Flat-chested girls have it marginally easier, but not having everything stay in the place it should is a very really fear. 

We speed-dialled Twinkle Khanna’s stylist Naheed Driver for the 101 on how celebrities manage to pull off those plunging necklines without risking a wardrobe malfunction. Here’s what she told us.          

The celebrity guide to going braless  

Silicon pasties

If your gown demands maximum exposure — we're talking back, side boob and cleavage — you may want to opt for pasties. The sticky silicon nipple covers are super adhesive and cover your nipples with the right amount of padding, so your boobs don't turn you into a human barometer. Since they only cover the nipple area, chances of them slipping off due to sweat are minimised. Of course, they offer no actual support or enhancement whatsoever, so if you’re looking for a shape up or quick lift, this is not your best option. 

Get them at

Medical tape

Celebrity fashion stylist Naheed Driver lets us in on one of her styling secrets: medical tape. Everyone's heard of Kim's duct tape, but the cloth finish white medical tape works on clothes that aren't black. "Black tends to become slightly see-through under lights, so you'll clearly be able to see the colour difference in the tape. But on a white top or any other solid colour cloth finish medical tape works better." It holds up just as well against under-boob sweat and keeps everything in place. Tape and lift vertically if you're wearing a low neck halter. But it also works horizontally to give the impression of cleavage in low-cut back tops. Remember it's medial grade adhesive, so while it's skin friendly, it may hurt your nipples when you rip it off, not the same as a band aid, we assure you. Pick it up from your friendly neighbourhood chemist.

Duct tape

Kim Kardashian is responsible for popularising this hack and heavy-chested women the world over may sing her praises. We're not sure how good the adhesive is for your skin but it does hold up great against sweat. Duct tape also hurts when you take it off, so you may want to wear pasties to protect your nipples and then place the tape on top. 

Hit up a hardware store and then follow this tutorial:


Self-adhesive adjustable bra

The self-adhesive adjustable bra was all over the internet being pushed as a viable backless bra option. This bra was one of the first to offer a fuller upper boob shape while being backless. But it only really gives you that cleavage if you already have a fuller bust. The catch 22 is that on a full bust, this tends to not offer too much support and the glue may start to wear off as the duration of wear lengthens. The adjustable front also makes this near impossible to wear with a plunging neck line. Cup sizes are available, so you can get an option that best suits your bust.

Make sure to choose a company which is known to have a good adhesive with good reviews 


Plunge front with back extender

This is great when you want the support of a bra without having to wear one. The plunge front with a back extender option offers full support, all of it. It's great for tops with a low scoop back and a low front. However, because of the straps extending to wrap around your upper waist, there is a limit to how low your blouse back can go. Since it's also got the skeletal structures of a standard bra halter straps may be an option but a tube one wouldn't offer the same support.

You can buy a plunging bra here or buy the extenders separately and add them onto your regular bra.