Everything you need to know about summer’s biggest hair colour trend Advertisement

Everything you need to know about summer’s biggest hair colour trend

Hint: It's probably blowing up your Instagram feed

By Trisha Chawla  May 18th, 2017

If your summer hair makeover involves dyeing your hair to a warm, French brown, we think it’s time you hit pause and reconsider. This season’s coolest trend involves colouring your strands in bright hues- and Lakmé Salon’s brand new Junk Spunk collection lets you do just that. Go down the Kylie Jenner route with rose gold hair or revive Katy Perry from 2012 with deep, denim blues. Craving something even more experimental? Try opening up to the junk-blotting technique that adds patterns to your hair colour using items like (the procrastinator’s favourite) bubble wrap and hardware wires. Lakmé Salon’s National Creative Director (Hair), Shailesh Moolya, breaks it down.

ELLE: How do you make bright hair colour more wearable for every day life?

SM: We dye the lower layers of your hair that are underneath your usual colour, so this doesn’t show when you’re at work. You can choose when to reveal it by pinning your hair up or tying a ponytail. You can also dye a chunk behind your ear or a layer underneath your fringe.

ELLE: How do you protect your hair?

SM: To bring out the colour, bleaching hair is essential. We have treatments like TressPlex which, when mixed with the bleach or colour, make your hair stronger and make the entire process safer.

ELLE: How often do you have to come back for a touch-up?

SM: This depends on many factors like your lifestyle, exposure to the sun and how often you wash your hair. It usually takes about 30 washes for the colour to start changing and that’s when you need to come in for a touch-up. We recommend using just a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. These basically lock the colour in place for longer and restore your hair back to natural conditions. You can also shampoo with cold to lukewarm water since this closes the hair cuticles and keeps the colour in for longer. 

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The Leading Looks From Lakme Salon’s New Collection: