10 must-try things to put on your bucket list for April Advertisement

10 must-try things to put on your bucket list for April

Scuba diving with manta rays, anyone?

By ELLE team  April 5th, 2018

Slip into your dancing shoes in anticipation of some groovy new tunes, become one with nature, and go scuba diving in Indonesia, here’s everything you need to put on your bucket list for a kick-ass April 2018:


read book


From Sophie Kinsella, the bestselling author of the Shopaholic series, comes Surprise Me (Penguin Random House), a look at the comedic capers of Sophie and Dan, a married couple who unwittingly discover that ‘forever’ is actually one heck of a long time. After 10 years of wedded bliss, panic sets in as they strive to keep their relationship fresh and fun, and try to avoid the mundane at all costs.



Reef sharks, manta rays and sea turtles will swarm the waters off Indonesia’s Raja Ampat islands, as diving season reaches its peak. We’re already picturing ourselves against the endless expanse of blue—piña colada in hand.



Throwing shade just got uber-stylish with oversized sun hats. Jacquemus and Missoni’s versions will protect your face and shoulders from harsh UV rays. Pair them with sunglasses that barely cover your eyes for a play on proportions.



The Japanese wellness trend Shinrin-yoku literally translates into ‘forest bathing’, but has absolutely nothing to do with having a shower in the woods. Instead, it’s about slowing down and simply soaking in the sounds and smells of nature to boost your immunity. Take a break from the chaotic city life and book a group session on Delotus.in.



Who would’ve thought that brain-boosting bulletproof coffee could get even better? Upgrade your recipe (coffee and organic butter) by swapping the energy-laden MCT oil with XCT oil, which is loaded with good fats, to boost your metabolism. Plus, it’s keto-friendly.




On Instagram, track @rajaravivarmamemes for a crackling modern spin on the works of celebrated 19th-century Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma. The account uses the noted painter’s works to chronicle the most millennial problems—Netflix addiction, Tinder fails, and being perpetually broke after online splurges. Clearly, the struggle has been real since the 1800s—we just didn’t know it.



Hawaiian poke bowls are the new fast-food obsession taking over the hipster world. Think deconstructed sushi: raw, marinated seafood mixed with fresh greens and sticky rice, all doused in an umami sauce. It’s pretty darn delicious. Try localised versions at Bastian in Mumbai, and Toast & Tonic in Bengaluru. 



If Dua Lipa’s ‘New rules’ was your break-up anthem for 2017, you’ll love her foot-tapping new single, ‘IDGAF’, which is all about self-love. But that’s not all April has in store: both Kimbra and Janelle Monáe are dropping new albums, as is pop princess Kylie Minogue. Golden will be Minogue’s first release since 2000.



Sure, the ruling card game of the last few years might have been Monopoly Deal, but now, the classic juggernaut, UNO, is back with a new version that promises to be double the fun. It is called (quite naturally), DOS. Game night is set to get wild



Avengers: Infinity War—2018’s most anticipated film hits theatres this month. For years, we’ve been fed post-credit teasers of what’s to come in the third movie in the blockbuster tetralogy, and now finally, Thanos himself will set foot on earth, ready to destroy everything! The Avengers, and assorted heroes from the Marvel comicverse, will join hands to defeat this most dangerous foe and save the world.