Bungalow 8 launches Suhani Parekh’s Misho

Bungalow 8, Mumbai, is all set to launch Suhani Parekh’s new jewellery label, Misho. This Goldsmiths University (London) alumna mines her art and travel experiences to create stunning pieces of jewellery – picture clean lines and sculptural folds in sterling silver. We caught up with Parekh to learn more:  

It’s statement jewellery
“Fun, quirky, playful, edgy and sophisticated are the words that first come to my mind when I think about the line. The pieces are extremely sculptural, yet versatile. You could wear them just about anywhere.”

It’s got all the right angles
“Geometry and architecture are essential inspirations in the designs, but we’ve tried to approach them in an unconventional way. Bungalow 8 will be showcasing three distinct collections Gravity, Vertex and Mediated Matter – each collection has a very different feel but they tie up neatly.” 

It started with one awkward-cool piece 
“I studied fine arts at Goldsmiths University in London, where I predominantly worked with sculpture. I decided to wear one of the works I created and absolutely loved the way it looked and felt, but you can wear an awkwardly shaped piece of stainless steel for only that long! Gradually, I started making sculptures that looked better on the body than they did on a plinth. With a little practice they became more comfortable to wear, and this was very much the point of departure for Misho.”

It’s white hot
“One of the best parts of designing is being able to play with different materials. Silver is beautiful, lustrous and extremely malleable. Once you a get a grasp of its nature, there’s very little you can’t create with it. Mixing silversmithing techniques can sometimes be challenging but I think the end result is definitely worth endless trials and errors. I love that it’s a white metal, it’s almost like a blank canvas, there’s so much you can do with finishing techniques.” 

It’s named after a cat (well, sort of)
“I met a cat named after the ancient Japanese bonsai technique Misho. When I looked into its eyes, I thought it defined elegance, seriousness and serenity. I got to know her; she was one of the feistiest, most mischievous cats I’ve come across. I think the cat embodied the essence of what I want Misho to be, serious substance but a lot of fun. The label’s sensibility is Bauhaus-meets-Japan, and so a Japanese-inspired name seemed to fit.”

Misho will be showcased between January 23–25. Bungalow 8, Mumbai, Wankhede Stadium, North Stand, E & F Block, D Road, Churchgate, Mumbai. Bungaloweight.com


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